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Created and updated 11/4/00


A contemporary expose of the fierce attacks against the truths found in Adventism that is currently being orchestrated most effectively by those who are actually leading the denomination, or who are within its communion. In this attack we will always witness those attacking it censoring out the beliefs of those who are Adventists, and covering this up by always posting in how much they love and demand that people have the right to express their differing beliefs and be heard. We will show throughout that these are member of the armies of the Papacy, and have infiltrated all the churches and also most all the governments of the world today.


Take note that it is best that you study the Jesuit Infiltration website first so that you can understand the evidence used where we can tell that we are dealing with the papal army in all the troubles we are having. After you have done that, please visit the following link:







See the great and blasphemous fraud perpetrated by the denomination in placing upon the people the concept of "Worship Styles!




  The Message is to hit this total thing here!



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Being "Critical" and "Judgmental!" A look at some feedback this ministry and others are receiving and an expose of the issues involved. Is there a premier group of elites among us that reserve the right amongst themselves to criticize and condemn, while they forbid others from doing it lest the "Christian spirit" be violated??

This Page will also be updated as the need arises.




I, Ted McMillan, have met with members of the Papal army on the newsgroups. An interesting discovery was uncovered. While warning about the papal conspiracy against the free world, the Jesuits there called me "Paranoid," and called me a "Conspiracy theorist" and showed great impatience at the fact that I exercise my God-given rights to determine from evidence I have seen that there is a true-to-life conspiracy against mankind. They posted in that anyone who believes that there is a conspiracy needs a psychiatrist.

In answer to them, I demonstrated that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln knew that there was a conspiracy with documentation. They naturally ignored and jeered around the evidence without directly answering it, and they continued to call me a lunatic.

The next thing we discovered was the issue of government paranoia. We demonstrated that the FBI, BATF, the Presidency and other government agencies are far more "paranoid" than even the general public they keep preaching to against being paranoid. Because of "crime" the FBI built the "Carnivore" system that enables them to read every email. Because of WACO, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Atlanta Bombing, these government agencies have more than suggested that it is time to give up Constitutional principles because of the great crime and terror that exists. In response to David Koresh and the Freeman, the government approached them with tanks and other military equipment to demonstrate their calmness and lack of paranoia. Why does the government continue to attack the Constitution as it relates to privacy and other things freely and those who try to stop them are suppressed? It is because these strange people keep calling true Americans "Paranoid" and "Conspiracy theorists," but for some strange reason, they always leave the new government officials alone. In vain did we ask them these questions. They merely taunted us and did everything possible in order to avoid answering the questions.

You and I know that the issue of privacy is a deep one. There is even software in the billions of dollars that consumers buy in order to protect their private information especially from the roaming eyes of the government.

How about the idea that the cause for privacy could be helped if the despots on the newsgroups were consistent and constantly ridiculed the new intrusive government for their uncomparable paranoia?





The idea is prevalent today that the mainstream of majority of the Christian world will be saved and that it is therefore always safe to unite with them and dangerous to separate from them. Separation from them is now more and more being forced to be accepted as cultic behavior and a clear identifier of a cult. See what the bible says about this idea as new movements now tell us that anything apart from the mainstream is cultic as it moves toward uniting with their pope.

Zeroing in on the Antichrist! See this amazing approach to discovering who or what actually is the Antichrist! This comes in two parts, and, although it doesn't show who the Antichrist actually is, it give us some key clues.

A non-Adventist Jewish Convert to Christianity Writes a very revealing letter to the General Conference! See this brief, eye-opening expose of a man who lived behind the iron curtain and witnessed what happened to Adventists who were persecuted there!





Should You Join them?


While the denomination is moving out to sue those independent ministries that love and believe in the established order of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, she is pretending not to notice that all the internet discussion forums labeled "Adventist" are staffed, owned, cluttered and infested with the most abandoned and dangerous Jesuits and Catholics who often claim membership to Adventism. These people are constantly attacking the Seventh-day Adventist Church and some of the leadership because they are hindering the process of the Adventist Church denomination becoming ecumenical under their Pope.

They constantly post in their irritation that the Seventh-day Adventist Church would dare call itself the True Church above the others. When the recent letter of the Pope declaring the Catholic Church to be the only true church appeared, are we surprised that we have only noticed silence from them against their Rome? Are we surprised that the owners of Atoday, SDAnet and Adventist Issues have not noticed and neither will they notice no matter how much you remind them?

Ladies and Gentlemen: These are Jesuits! These are Catholics pretending to be Adventists! You better be bold like they are, for they don't think a thing about calling us legalists or anything else they like. Breaking their own rules is no problem for them! With all the evidence, you had better learn to call them Jesuits for the benefit of others while you prepare for what is coming!


Since we see now that the present leaders of the Adventist Church are clearly determined to lead this body clear into the hands of Rome, should we therefore immediately go out and join an independent ministry?

Though you should support these ministries financially,

Generally speaking. . . . . . .




With all that was published on this website!!!




Our Hazels: More Proof of Infiltration Into the SDA Denominational Structure!



Examples of Jesuit Tactics Being Used Against the People by the Adventist Review and Other Church Media or Officials!


The Late C. Mervyn Maxwell Documents Abuses that Only Jesuits can Accomplish by the Denominational Leaders!



The Secret of the Omega Symbol from the Vision of Ellen White Concerning our Church at the End Time!


See the Strange Message the Lord has Left His Church in the Tragedy of the R.M.S. Titanic in this Series of Four Progressive Links!



Should the SDA Church allow its members to question its doctrines?






Find out the truth of that fallacious, false and Jesuit concept consistently challenging Adventism called "Worship Styles" click HERE!! See how the entire denomination of Seventh-day Adventists has been fooled by the Jesuits with this concept!









Rome began by enjoining what God had not forbidden, and she ended by forbidding what He had explicitly enjoined. -- GC pgs. 289, 290.










The following message is of awesome import especially for Seventh-day Adventists:

Would you like to know how to win the absolute most souls for the kingdom before Christ comes?

Let me share a secret with you that every Jesuit infiltrated into the Adventist Church knows that you don't know. There is a secret about Adventism that you need to know!






When we discussed PHYSICAL and WILDERNESS SURVIVAL training for Adventists on the internet, the strange people on the discussion forums became quite concerned!! They quoted to us that Christ has won and that there is no need to worry for tomorrow. 

WE COULD NOT CALM THEM DOWN!! Why are they always so much smarter than our own people??



Check and study this free crash survival training introductory course of knowledge. It will reveal to you the banquet table the Lord has prepared for His oppressed people. It will enrich your spiritual life and bring you closer to the Lord if you follow through, get out there and learn more. At least do it just for fun, and if you follow through, you will thank me later. Show the information and your increase in knowledge along this line to as many as you can, and urge the necessity of it. Keep it away from those who tell you that Christ has conquered and that there is no need to worry about tomorrow however. You might raise their blood pressures to dangerous levels!!


The structure of the Adventist Church keeps denying that it is heavily infiltrated by the Jesuits just like those on the internet forums deny this reality even though they constantly perform Jesuit tactics. Will their denials overcome the evidence seen in their unmistakable actions? If we allow that to happen, we are already in their power. 

A Jesuit is a Jesuit BY WHAT HE DOES, and not what he says, nor by what his ID card reveals. Throughout history their talent for murder was superseded only by their talent to lie. We can more know who they are now than at any other time, because they know they have very little time left. They are in a hurry and they therefore must show themselves and act strangely in the struggle to get the Adventist Church to surrender to the ecumenical union of all the churches in as many concealed ways as possible. They must demand change and upheaval and radical transition.

Is the General Conference infiltrated by Jesuits? Click here to see just some of the evidence scratching the surface! Within the foregoing links, learn the actual truth about "THE OMEGA" symbols given by Ellen White. It will startle you!!



The General Conference, by declaring that the Eternal Gospel SDA Church is a "hate church" for sponsoring ads that expose their Papacy as the Antichrist has condemned the Reformation sufficiently so that we no longer need wait around and speculate as to what has happened upstairs. The very language that they used ("Anti-Catholic" and "hate church") has consistently been only Catholic language for ages! If there is ANYONE who can show for us what the Eternal Gospel SDA Church has done that was different from the Reformers, please email us and let us know. Did Martin Luther hate Catholics?

Evidently, none of the Reformers were interested in acquiring "a good name" among the nations.

The militia of the Papacy are silently killing us. They love people silently doing nothing! YOU HAD BETTER MAKE SOME NOISE!!

"If God abhors one sin above another, of which His people are guilty, it is doing nothing in case of an emergency. Indifference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a grievous crime and equal to the very worst type of hostility against God." --Testimonies, vol. 3, 281.







Because the Adventist people did not sufficiently give out the special message and warnings--because she did not warn of the Papacy, her unparalleled ability to shed blood and commit crimes, AND HER ABILITY TO INFILTRATE, sudden calamities are about to take place.

As the churches unite in order to deal with the upheaval in society, crimes and calamities will take place against them also, and the circumstantial evidence will point right where they are designed to be pointed: at those who refuse to unite in "LOVE": Adventists AND THE MESSAGE!!

The public eye will then be turned against those Adventists who persist in believing the Advent message then deemed "hate."

With the Adventist denomination being at that time an ecumenical establishment encouraging Sunday observance as told us in RH Vol. I, p. 405, she will also lend her hand against all "cults" that believe in what we presently believe and have always been taught. It will be deemed that the crimes were committed by the "disgruntled" Adventists who opposed the new decisions of the Adventist Church also to repudiate most all of its former beliefs in favor of ecumenism under the Pope. Millions of honest civilian folk will honestly believe that Adventists and their historic truths before the imminent ecumenical revisions will be responsible for such diabolical expositions of hate. As most of those common folk therefore move from a sense of right to destroy Adventists, the guilt of blood will rest upon them, and no one has to tell you that they will never heed nor believe the truth.



Find out more about what we are referring to here in the article "Betrayed" on this website!


5 For thus saith the LORD; We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace.
6 Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness?
7 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.
11 For I am with thee, saith the LORD, to save thee: though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make a full end of thee:




The major way the Lord will punish Seventh-day Adventists in the near future is to show them quite graphically the consequences for their own neglect!!!




Oh is that so!

The amazing parable called, SENSIBLE PEOPLE shatters the common response Rome uses against anyone who dares to expose what she is doing.

Rome and the Protestants were just as equally ruthless during the Reformation??

Oh is that so! View the evidence on the "Issues of Freedom" webpage!


The Jesuits, posing as members of every Christian denomination today and infiltrated all throughout the Seventh-day Adventist Church, are making an all out attack upon the unconquerable truths of Adventism both internally and externally in order to destroy anything that prevents the ecumenical union of the One World Church under the domination of Rome. THEY DOMINATE ALL INTERNET DISCUSSION FORUMS ON THE ISSUES! THEY DOMINATE OR EVEN ADMINISTER ALL OR MOST OF THE "ADVENTIST" DISCUSSION FORUMS!


Will God help you? Find out from His Word and not from listening to people around you!!

Ellen White was given a glimpse of the perplexities that will arise imminently as more and more Adventists consent to be deluded to the idea that there is either no Jesuit infiltration into this denomination, the government, the other churches and all of society, or that if there is, it is minimal! 
A Picture of the Ustashi soldiers during World War II slowly cutting off a man's head with a hacksaw. These are Jesuits in soldiers uniforms. SEE THE PROTESTANT REFORMATOIN COME ALIVE AGAIN! These pictures were not taken by newsreporters. They were taken by the Ustashis themselves for the purpose of retaining glorious memories! These could eat, drink and sleep cmfortably after having such fun!


What happened to this woman? Her eyes had been gourged out!
By whom? By the Ustashi soldiers, who were really:
The same people who now often teach you, especially when you are ready to point them out, how to be courteous and kind, and how to have love in your heart! Who tell you how terrible it is to have a critical spirit and to stop resisting change orchestrated by them!

Can you imagine this being done to your mother!  It was done in 1940!

"His legs were broken, ears cut off, eyes gourged, chest stabbed and finally the heart was extracted." 

BAD NEWS! This man wasn't killed first before all those things happened to him. The Ustashis gloried over the fact that his heart was still beating when they extracted it from his chest.



"Transgression has almost reached its limit. Confusion fills the world, and a great terror is soon to come upon human beings. The end is very near. We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise." -- Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, September 10, 1903
The person standing in the middle is about to be de-sanguinated. That means in our lingo that his blood is about to be drained from his body by the kind and loving gents around him.


Will these things happen to Adventists very shortly?

Only seconds before death, a Serbian victim is staring at Infinity. Staring at God who is almost present in the photograph. 

"Mi Ustase ne pijemo vina Nego krvi Srbina iz Knina".

Translated: "We Ustashi do not drink wine, but blood of Serbs from town of Knin". (It rhymes in Serbo-Croatian.) We can not know whether the Ustashis from the photograph did drink the blood they collected, but we believe that the photograph is their trying to enact the song.

See all the horrible details from this link!!

The Lord says to expose what these people can do! We MUST sound the trumpet about INFILTRATION!! He doesn't want the general public deceived into thinking that the "exclusiveness" or "separationism" of Adventism will be the cause for the upcoming calamities throughout the nations of the world! He wants the people to know that Adventism is truth, and the message of the Judgment to come is sound! Are you doing what the Lord says? or are you being taught to say that though this information is still sadly neglected, we speak about it too much instead of about Christ--the One who gave this information and commanded us to give it? Will God help us therefore since we have given more ear to the very people you see above now all around us instead of to Him??

Two huge hands in the night while you sleep are pointed toward you. They are aimed at your neck to strangle you to death, but they cannot do that right now. YOU ARE IN A DILEMMA!!

As you consent to be silent about these people, they are, through infiltration into media, government, and every trusted and respected office, preparing to frame you for terrible crimes of hate before the world in chaos and confusion. The more people you warn today will be the more who will help and encourage you in the near future, who will stand by your side in alliance with the truth, for they will know what is happening. The more you keep silent is the stronger those hands will be to deceive honest people and the more power it will have to put you to death. If you say nothing, that hand will soon demand that you unite and keep Sunday. If you consent, plagues will fall upon you, and then you will have to deal with the dreadful future and final retribution! Either which way you cannot escape wrath and you cannot escape trouble! You have to choose now whose wrath you want to bear: man's wrath or God's wrath!!


Chapter Title: The Time of Trouble

"On every hand they [the last day saints] hear the plottings of treason and see the active working of rebellion; and there is aroused within them an intense desire, an earnest yearning of soul, that this great apostasy may be terminated and the wickedness of the wicked may come to an end. But while they plead with God to stay the work of rebellion, it is with a keen sense of self-reproach that they themselves have no more power to resist and urge back the mighty tide of evil. They feel that had they always employed all their ability in the service of Christ, going forward from strength to strength, Satan's forces would have less power to prevail against them."

[That means that Satan's forces would have less power to be able to put them to death, and deception is the largest part of their power to do this!]

"They afflict their souls before God, pointing to their past repentance of their many sins, and pleading the Saviour's promise: "Let him take hold of My strength, that he may make peace with Me; and he shall make peace with Me." Isaiah 27:5. Their faith does not fail because their prayers [pg. 620] are not immediately answered. Though suffering the keenest anxiety, terror, and distress, they do not cease their intercessions. They lay hold of the strength of God as Jacob laid hold of the Angel; and the language of their souls is: "I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me." -- GC pg. 619-620.


Destined to become the chief topic among all those who love the truth. But for most, by the time they finally realize how they have been deceived, they will not be allowed any time to discuss it, because it will be too late. The Jesuits will stand above them as the conquerors and will allow them no time nor means to deal with the issue!

Sweet denial of a campfire not extinguished before the campers went to sleep!! The next day there will be far more than roasted marshmellows!!

If you have doubts about the special movement behind Adventism, or want to find out about the mission and tactics of the Militia of the Papacy, you came to the right place! Start with the Jesuit Infiltration webpage!



A worker for the Papacy pretending to be an Adventist speaks:

Another strange person posting under the name of Ralph Thompson [NOT the Ralph Thompson who works for the General Conference] has some very interesting news for all of us on the Atoday (Adventism Today Believe it or not!) forums. He with confidence, joy and gladness, is going to tell us that the SDA Church is going to repudiate much of its current fundamental pillars and totally reject Ellen White in the drive for ecumenical change. How does he know this? Don't take his statement lightly folks! You will witness him doing things that clearly identify him as a worker for the Vatican. You must understand that this indicates that it first happened to the high eschelons of the Adventist Church. 

So Ralph is telling us that the church will completely change. It will then make friends with his brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church and who knows what except what has been revealed by the inspired person he is about to show his hatred for.

His following words were stated while he was accusing another poster of failing to realize that there is room enough on the Atoday forums for people who disagree with him, and that he needs to have respect for those who have differing beliefs--TYPICAL JESUIT TACTICS. As you read, ask yourselves the question, "Who are these people?" You can get the answer from Rome, but you will have to use truth serum that is stronger than anything manufactured by man! 

This poster is going to comment that there are many inconsistencies in Ellen White. See if you can find any inconsistencies in him, and see if he cares.

These people are not here to talk. Their history involves the least amount of talking!!


Updated 10/7/00, some additions to text

By Ralph A. Thompson on Sunday, March 19, 2000 - 03:15 pm: 

Unfortunately having a persecution complex does not make one a martyr. Just because someone may disagree with me does not mean I have to think I am the victim of some Jesuit plot. Don't be so childish surely we can discuss spiritual subjects in a mature way without tying our shirt tails in a knot. 

EGW is full of inconsistinises one would have to be a blind idiot not to see it and what would you expect she had a blow to her brain that nearly killed her as a child and never got over it. If she were alive today she would be recieving medical attention and there wouldn't be any visions. Not saying there is not some merit in the things she copied from other writers but "an inspired prophet"? Get real. 


[As you can see, first he preaches to people to respect those who disagrees, in order to destroy the ideas that are contrary to his, then he goes and starts to tell us what is the undeniable. He totally railroads over those who disagree. This is a common tactic on all the internet discussion forums containing Jesuits that are claiming to be Adventists or former Adventists. Take note that he demonstrates his hatred of Ellen White by telling us that she has had an injury "to her brain." Why not? Does Ellen White agree with him??]


What would happen to the church if we threw away her writings? We would have 100 converts where now we only have 2 or 3. We would have a Christian community where we wouldn't go around bashing other Christians especially Catholics. We wouldn't be blathering such nonsense as 1844 or the mark of the beast, or the IJ. We would have assurance of our salvation in Christ and we would not be teaching the Trinity. The list could go on and on. 

My experience in the SDA church and I've been a member since 1962 is that the more a member is into EGW the more self righteous and judgemental they are.


[Remember that Ralph Thompson is talking about the inconsistencies of Ellen White, but notice how he glories in his inconsistencies. He is talking against people who are self-righteous and judgmental. Look very closely at the nature of his words in comparison with what he is saying here. Notice that he could not help but mention that Adventists attack his fellow Catholics as he claims. Notice how he makes bold claims without any proof and violates the whole arena of discussion they constantly falsely claim is necessary for discussion.]


Why do I stay? So that those who are near and dear may hear the true gospel not the ramblings of a 19th century peasant women in northern New England. 


[Here we again notice his hatred of Ellen White. Notice that the whole world has his ecumenical ideas, but he tells us that he must stay here in Adventism in order to engage in some crusade or fight. He would rather stay and teach people how to focus on Christ alone, but would sink his teeth into the doctrine and spend his life warring against the saints. He would preach to them to have their differing opinions before he tells them that they are self-righteous and judgmental, and relate to us the undeniable mental condition of Ellen White. This is typical of the Jesuit infested and Jesuit owned internet discussion forums that call themselves "Adventist," and this is typical of the denomination knowing that these entities exist, but she moves to sue ministries that are not in such heaven-daring apostasy.

As interpreted by him, we must give up Ellen White: in other words, if we listen to him and forsake Ellen White, we listen to Christ. Therefore he, like all the rest demanding change, are pushing themselves in Ellen White's place, and then yet claiming a higher position than even she has.]


Wake up my dear brother! This SDA church is changing! The Daystar is rising you no longer have to stumble around in the dark with the "lesser light." Open the windows of your heart to Jesus when you do you will see that Jodi is both your sister and friend. 

Ralph T



[The "Jodi" he is mentioning is another papal visitor who claims to have once been an Adventist, but is now, like Ralph, demanding that Adventists surrender their beliefs, while making sure she tells every Adventist who can push back her falsehoods that they need to understand that people will differ with them and they need to respect those who disagree. The honest Adventist was offended by Jodi's intolerance, her unscrupulousness and her complete dishonesty. Right while Ralph Thompson is telling the honest Adventist to have respect for people who differ, he is also demanding that he and the Adventist Church surrender their beliefs. Who are they? Please read Foxe's Book of Martyrs online here!

Ralph Thompson is telling us about the inconsistencies of Ellen White, while he has shown us that upon entering the Adventist Church, he lied by way of his baptismal vows, and like so many others, never believed the concept.]


Go to the actual dialogues--including this one--and witness the expulsion of a loyal Adventist poster (another one) from the Atoday Forums Ralph Thompson sent this post to. Click

All these things are taking place while their pope is apologizing for past atrocities. All the behavior patterns are still exactly the same.

Check out the statement by Desmond Ford telling us that since the Prophecies of Daniel detailing the Investigative Judgment are not found in the New Testament, they must be ignored. Then read what Revelation 22 says about any mortal man who thinks himself God enough to dictate what scriptures must either be added or subtracted from prophecy! Our comments are included.



Fear-based Religion you say?!!

Should the SDA Church allow its members to question its doctrines?


CONTAINMENT! (Should We Move Out of the Cities?)



The Truth About Internet Discussion Forums Claiming to be Adventist !! The truth is that they were really intended to be cell groups.

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